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This is the first section in the level. This area intends to teach the player the mechanic of travelling into 2D. The first thing the player will see is footsteps leading to a 2D Portal. This will then lead the player across the bridge to the other side in 2D where they can then go back to 3D and exit the section.

This area is seen after the opening cut scene of the player falling and hitting their head. This section is intended to take place in the players dream, with strange black and white visuals to match. 


This area has been briefly seen in the opening cut scene when the player falls in. In this area the player must work out a way to break into the underground facility. To progress the player must grab a boulder in the cave, bring it into 2D, and roll it down the slope to break the wall. This will teach the player that they can bring objects into 2D with them which is an important mechanic for solving the next area.

The environment for this level is the bottom of a seemingly endless ravine. The place has rocks scattered around and vines hanging from the small cave with he ball in. We wanted to give the player the trapped feeling so that as soon as they figure out the puzzle they have no choice other than to enter the facility.