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Forming the Idea

When forming the idea for our assignment we knew that we wanted to stray away from the more generic First Person Shooter style of gameplay that could come from Underground Bunker Level.  We had a number of ideas, that we dismissed for a number of reasons:

  • One idea was to create a cover shooter where the player could directly control the height of the character using the mouse wheel, creating very tactical gameplay. We dismissed this idea because it would require extensive playtesting, interaction, programming and art work in addition to being a hard concept to create a level around.
  • Another was to create a horror game where the player could see from the monsters and the players perspective. We felt this idea to once again be difficult to create a good level around and already has a number of existing games that do this well (i.e Dead by DaylightFriday the 13th and Eyes).

Final Idea

Our final idea was to create a puzzle game where the player must shift between a traditional 3D first-person perspective and a 2D perspective where the player is walking within the walls of the level, similar to a traditional platformer style of game.

This idea opened a number of puzzles that we could create by creating certain elements that can only be completed in 3D and some only in 2D, as well as transferring objects between these two planes of interaction. This was inspired by the book series 'Flat Stanley' and Children's TV show 'Roy', both feature characters that have been 'flattened' and can do things such as slipping through gaps in door frames.

Gather Reference


We also have looked into mechanics from a number of existing games: 

  • Portal is a heavy influence on a number of modern puzzle games, with ours being no exception, due to excellent puzzle design and the way that it introduces mechanics gradually. 
  • The Pedestrian is a game that uses exclusively 2D mechanics in a similar style to which we are intending while placing them in a 3D environment but its gameplay is exclusive2D.
  • Zelda: A Link Between Worlds uses a similar mechanic, that is changing between 2D and 3D, however, creates its puzzles behind traversal, rather, than as we indeed,  to move objects between planes to create puzzles.
  • Fez which allows the player to shift the camera perspective to complete levels and thus complete platforming problems from a different perspective